Best Merienda on Rainy Days

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” – Ruth Reichl

The most challenging part every time I edit videos
for my sister’s vlogs is that I terribly get hungry. For us here working abroad, one of the things that we miss in our native land are the native foods we grew up with.

One of the delicacies in my province that Aklanons crave for during early morning rainy season and during “merienda” every sunny afternoon is Ginataang Halo-Halo or we call it “Eangkuga” in our dialect. I have hard time putting into words how I will describe this delicacy. Honestly, I am not a kitchen expert, but the best way I could give little explanation to this Aklanon popular afternoon snack is that it consists of variety of root crops cooked in rich coconut milk and muscovado sugar.

Not only will it give satisfaction to your palate, this will also provide good amount of nutrients your body needs, especially these days in which the world
has been overrun by the virus, to work its best. Moreover, this dish does not require a high caliber cooking skills. Preparation is so simple and the ingredients
are readily available in the market, or sometimes, if lucky enough, in your garden or in your neighbor’s garden (just ask permission and share some when you’re done cooking hahaha!).  

Watch the video for complete recipe.

Enjoy… keep safe… God bless

Ginataang Alimasag

This + plus rice = happy tummy!

Another popular Filipino seafood dish. Ginataang Alimasag are crabs cooked in coconut milk, added with vegetables. This kind of province food is best eaten using your hands. Just don’t forget the rice and cold soda, this will complete your heavenly meal.

Please visit this channel for more exciting dishes:


Bihon – Canton Guisado

This is a full tutorial video on how to cook this healthy cuisine which is popular in the Philippines.

Brief background:

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancit

Nancy Reyes Lumen of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism writes that according to food lore handed down from the Chinese, noodles should be eaten on one’s birthday. They are therefore commonly served at birthday celebrations and Chinese restaurants in the Philippines often have “birthday noodles” listed on their menus. However, she warns that since “noodles represent long life and good health”, they must not be cut, as that would “corrupt the symbolism.”


Questions flooded in my self why did it take me a lot of time to compose a certain topic about an illness wherein every individuals struggle to deal with it. Months passed and still creating a supposed to be inspirational article became so hard that I ended up with a blank paper. The thing is I have the ideas, but, just like a puzzle that I cannot put together. Even to the point of racking my brain and squeezing each part of it hoping that every information I have will be a one inspirational and motivational composition.

I then tried to ask myself these following questions:

1.Why is it so hard for me to pen down all the ideas hovering on my mind?

2.Why is it so hard to put the words in a single sentence?

3.Why is it so hard to tell someone else, when you can’t write?

Among all these questions, there is one that popped up. A question and at the same time an answer.

“What will I share and how will I inspire others when I, still am under the shadow of this depression?”.

The truth and the reality slapped me then. The painful truth that I, myself, HAVE NOT HEALED YET…

I got 200 likes ! 😍

As a newbie blogger, I am so delighted to share every achievement I have in WordPress. I know there is so much more that I have to learn in improving my writing skills. Being with wordpress family and bloggers’ world, I am so grateful that I gained not only knowledge, but also friends from around the globe who are eager to share their culture, ideas and viewpoints that give us knowledge on the walks of life.

Thank you and keep safe everyone.

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