There are times I get out of the building to experience the warm touch of outside summer air. It’s not that I longed for It. I just want to escape from the harsh workplace I am in. I never regret being in this kind of career, rather, I do thank and appreciate all the life lessons that I gain in everyday that my life encounters. It’s just that sometimes, you want to get out, inhale deeply the calmness even for a while… then exhale forcefully those pressures, tensions and all those chaos.. Then get back to get your work done with a cleansed mind.


Nowadays, despite of the laws implemented to protect women and women’s rights, there are still victims of abuse. The most disappointing part is that their oppressor is their own husband.

A lot of women are victim of domestic violence, yet chose to keep mum for the sake of a complete family. In an effort to give a complete and happy family for the children, they must endure the sufferings from the hands of their husband. Most of the time, violence at home are witnessed by the youngsters, end result – juvenile delinquents.

Harmonious relationship is what makes a happy home. In order to feel this kind of ambience, each one must love, respect, and give equal importance to one another. Most important is being in a relationship which is God-centered. If one of these essential elements is absent, then home will be chaotic.

Nobody has the right to hurt anybody. To have a happy and loving family, effort and responsibility must come from parents first. Whatever decision and action one must take, always consider the welfare of your children. 

For those women who are victim of the situation, please stop keeping yourself blinded. You have the right to stand strong for your rights. You are not just a woman. You are a woman, a wife and a mother that must be given with true and unconditional love, high respect and value. But, before you earn these from others, you must give these to yourself first.

A true family is the family that loves one another and support each other through thick or thin.

A touch that pierced my heart

I thought it was one of the normal days at work. But that day had some twist. Truly unexpected experience is like a surprise slap that suddenly hits you when you are unready, huge surprise indeed.

One baby, not breathing normally, brought in by the parents. Just a couple of seconds and the code were called. He was successfully revived, but further procedures must be done. Everybody was concentrating and focusing to save him. Needle prick, suctioning, checking of heartbeat… invasive procedures… all of these things happened at the same time to be able to make him stable. 

As I was securing one of the contraptions attached to him, he suddenly became agitated. The exact moment when I was about to touch the instrument I need, he also reached for my hand and grasp it tightly. The feeling of his grasp is like he is telling you he is scared… he is in excruciating pain… he needs help. I looked at him and there I saw the agony in his eyes. I saw the tears, and from that moment, everything stopped…

In that very moment, the clock stopped ticking; everybody and everything vanished inside the critical room. When I looked at him, I saw the tears of immense struggle, the tremendous pain he feels. That was few seconds when I suddenly hear the physician’s voice with urgency. I have to ignore the feeling, that unforgettable feeling that I myself cannot understand. 

I continued working and I tried hard to concentrate on what I was doing. After few hours of battling with the time to stabilize him, we were able to shift him to the Intensive Care Unit. It was really tiresome but that magical moment I experienced when he held my hand was unexplainable. When I got home, I took time to sit and think about it, man, that little one is already experiencing a lot at his very young age. But look, here we are, capable of doing things we like, capable of living our life but still most of the time we have bunch of issues and lots of complaints and I am guilty for that.

Magical moment as I say because he was able to shoot me bull’s eye in the heart. All of a sudden it took me to a situation where in you must do even for the impossible. If you are in that situation, for sure, he will melt your heart. Totally helpless, he doesn’t have any choice but to endure the extreme pain because he is small, weak, ill. All he can do is cry; receive the pain, cry, flinch, and cry.

 Each of us has our own battles, and not all of us are aware of what is happening to each other’s life. Whatever path or road your way is, make sure to expect the unexpected. For that baby who already experienced too much in his very young life, you must know how to thank God for the life’s chances given to you. Instead of complaining about shallow things, better look at the bright side of the world.


Time is more precious than Gold

No one wanted a life of burden and sufferings. Each of us wants a life which is financially free. Well, honestly, that is exactly what I’m thinking at this very moment. In order to attain the goal of money freedom,  one must work hard. For overseas workers… sweat of hardwork, tears of loneliness, eyebags of sleepless nights, varicose veins of prolonged standing and walking, and sleep deprivation are some of the struggles that are not unusual and are real. Moreover, the bullying of the co-workers and the safety of workplace makes it all a big battle to fight with.

Some may say, working abroad is being blessed and being lucky. It is true of course. Having a good sum of salary, better than what we have in our country, we are able to sustain the needs of the family, and even we can purchase the things that we want. Shoes, branded bags, jewelries… those are bonus fortune. But still the question is… “Are you really happy?”. 

“Money can’t buy happiness”, an old quote but still hit me. 

Years of being an OFW, a stranger to her own country, a “hungry-of-quality-time” with her family. These are all me. I am beyond blessed for the opportunity given to work to a place with higher salary, and I am thankful for that. On the other hand, negativity keeps checking on me, so does depression.

I never say that my years spent here in abroad is all huge difficulty. The best things happened with me is being able to meet a second family and being able to find a second home. Based in my experience, I really am undeniably blessed for that. For these experiences taught me great lessons in life.

But then again, YES… regrets hunt me… sadness embrace me… For not being with my family the time they needed me the most. For a loved one who needs my tender loving care. My touch of love, even a simple massage to an aching back. A touch of hope, that he will recover soon. A touch of encouragement, that everything will be alright. All of those were wishes not granted. 

As I lay on my bed, in my room, in my temporary home, away from my true home, contemplating… asking my self, “when will I be home, together with my family?”.


“A month of fasting”

2 years more and I’ll be celebrating 1 decade of dwelling here in the middle east. I can say, this is my second home, and because of that, I thought for my self, I am already oriented to their customs and way of living, but, I was wrong. A lot of things regarding their culture are still unknown to me. Now that Ramadan is fast approaching, hearing the word itself, the idea that pops-up in my mind is “fasting”. Some of us only understand “fasting” shallowly. 

What is Ramadan?

My interest to gain an in-depth knowledge about the Holy Month of Muslims has driven me to browse and read articles in the internet. As I go through the pages, I found my self engaged in discovering and learning how our brothers and sisters celebrate Ramadan. The most intruiging question is, “How can they withstand the “no-food, no-water” routine during day time?

Fasting or “sawm” during the Holy Month is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Fasting is not only done by abstaining from eating and drinking. Also refraining from sexual relations, sinful thoughts, speech, and behavior must be done wholeheartedly.  Praying and reading of the Holy Quran are also religiously done.

Fasting is the way that our muslim brothers empathized with the less fortunate. It is the time for spiritual reflection, cleansing the soul from impurities. This is also the time of giving, sharing, and compulsory charity. According to author Qasim Rashid during the Huffpost Live (snippet from article of Chris Diranch), the word Ramadan means “to burn”. Part of the purpose is to burn away bad habits that are distracting you from the remembrance of God. 

Non-Muslims can also join fasting. All are free to fast and pray with their family and friends during Ramadan. 

For those who are pregnant, breastfeeding moms, seriously ill/ health-risk individuals, elderly, and also those who did not reach yet the age of puberty, are exempted to fast.

For those who are travelers or sick,  but are able, can resume and complete fasting at a later date. 

On this coming RAMADAN, let us all respect our Muslim brothers and sisters as they practice their way of faith. The world is a better and wonderful place to live in if we have love and respect for one another. 


Game of Life

Too easy to make a plan, but too hard to make it happen.

Being away from family is a struggle. Sometimes you have to be stone-hearted to win the battle againts loneliness. Loneliness that kills you every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of your life. Life is so short, time flies  too fast. Trying hard to combat this awful situation is a real effort indeed.

You have to decide, beat the time, live your life.

Easy to say, yet hard to do. Be strong, have a will power and be determined. Hunger of spending quality time with your loved ones will be your motivation to decide which action and which road to take.

Remember, life is a game, you must know your goals, you must know how to play.


Ngayong taon na yata ang simula ng mahabang bakasyon. Ayon sa DepEd, ang official opening day ng klase sa school year 2019-2020 ay sa June 3, 2019. Para sa mga kabataan na nais maging productive ang kanilang bakasyon, meron pong available summer jobs dito sa Pilipinas. Narito po ang aking mga suggested summer jobs na pwede po pasukan ng ating mga teenagers, high school and college levels.

1. Tutor
Pwede po maging tutor ng mga kids ng inyong kapit-bahay or kakilala. Sa panahon kasi ngayon, parents grab the opportunities to practice their kids especially to those na mga nursery and pre-schoolers para before pasukan, may basic knowledge na agad sila. Negotiable naman ang time and salary.

2. Baby Sitter
Just make sure na marunong mag-alaga ng bata at mahaba ang pasensya. Ang mga bata ay hindi basta-basta lang na babantayan. Consider the special needs of little ones.

3. On-line Jobs
Dahil tayo ay nasa technology world na, maraming mga opportunities ang pwede nating i-grab to earn and save. Why not turn your hobbies into business? Ex. Designer – make a logo or personalized portrait
On-line shop – garage sale thru social media

4. Computer shop staff
Pwede din maging assistant sa isang computer shop lalo na ngayong bakasyon na crowded ang ganitong klase na mga negosyo

Special Program for Employment of students
Ang programang ito ay nglalayon na mabigyan at matulungan ang mga students lalo na ang mga less fortunate, para mkapag-trabaho to earn and save for their educational needs. Sa mga interesado, pwedeng sumangguni sa DOLE office.

Ang mga trabahong nabanggit ay iilan lamang sa mga npakaraming pwedeng pagkakitaan at mapagkunan ng extra income ngayong bakasyon.
Hindi lang extra income ang benefit nito. Maganda din itong experience to enhance knowledge and skills. Tandaan, hindi lahat sa school matututunan, if we try and strive hard, we will surely achieve our goals. Matututo tayong dumiskarte sa buhay.

Hair Care

Crowning glory na maituturing para sa mga kababaihan ang magandang buhok. Nakakatulong ito lalo na in boosting self-confidence. When it comes in enhancing beauty, our hair is one of the body assets that help to achieve “ganda” goal. This is one of the main reasons indeed, why most women opted to visit salons for hair treatment.

But, reality check, hindi lahat tayo ay afford ang magpa-salon monthly. Here are some ways in achieving beautiful and healthy hair na hindi nabubutas ang bulsa. Tandaan lamang po na pwedeng maging effective sa iba at pwedeng di maging effective sa inyo.

Ingredients and Procedures:

1. Mayonnaise + Shampoo
– 3 parts of mayo (any brand)
– 1 part of any shampoo

— wash hair with shampoo only and rinse well
— air dry (no blower)
— mix mayo and shampoo (quantity depends on volume of hair)
— on dry hair, lather the mixture hanggang fully covered
— cover ang buhok ng hair cap or any plastic will do, leave it for 30min or longer depende po sa inyo
— rinse hair thoroughly (no need shampoo)
— air dry

2. Mayonnaise
— on damp hair, apply mayo, cover the hair with plastic bag or hair cap then leave it for 30min or as desired then rinse with shampoo after

3. Consuka
– suka (apple cider or white vinegar)
– any conditioner

— mix equal parts of these ingredients, apply to hair, cover and leave for 30min or as desired
then rinse

4. apple cider vinegar
— mix 1 part of ACV to 2 parts of warm water
— wash hair with shampoo and conditioner
— apply ACV solution and massage to scalp, let it sit for 15min-20min then rinse thorougly

5. aloe vera
— get aloe vera leaf, enough for your hair
— apply the gel from the leaf and massage on your scalp and hair
— leave it for 30min or longer then rinse with shampoo and conditioner

All of these methods can be repeated 2x a week.

Here are the benefits for your hair:
– Hair growth
– Remove hair lice
– Smoothen frizzy hair
– Treating dryness
– Treats dandruff
– Hair cleansing
– Avoids scalp infection and itchiness

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